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            Sustainable Business

            We are building the ground for sustainable growth as the global marketing solution company through the world-changing idea.

            Stakeholder Engagement process

            Cheil Worldwide is committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities for the sustainable growth of our society.
            This stakeholder engagement process is applied to all management activities of Cheil Worldwide. Through this process, we identify the interests and thoughts of various stakeholders and reflect them in the decision-making process.

            • Main stakeholders of Cheil Worldwide

              In order to communicate effectively with stakeholders, stakeholders are systematically collected and managed by dividing stakeholders into shareholders, customers, local communities, employees, and partner companies.

            • Engagement method of stakeholders

              By operating a communication channel considering the characteristics of stakeholders, we will broadly understand stakeholder interests and reflect them in Cheil Worldwide's management activities.

              Business report/Shareholders' meeting/Company briefing
              Home page/Customer satisfaction survey AE (Account Executive)
              Local community
              Homepage / SNS / Volunteer activity Community Council
              Labor-management council ‘Sarang Sarang’ / Idea portal i-pub / Management status briefing session / SCI corporate culture diagnosis
              Business sharing meeting Partner company portal site
            • Stakeholder engagement results feedback

              Cheil Worldwide has published the Sustainability Management Report for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

              For questions, please contact